Farewell Sir Bobby

July 31, 2009
It's a sad day today as Sir Bobby Robson has died at the age of 76.

Robson, leaves behind some fine memories, most notably as England Manager, when he guided the Three Lions to the World Cup Semi Finals, in Italia 90.

Robson had legendary status throughout the game, and always brightened the game up when at it's low points. Just last weekend he was the guest of honour at the England v Germany re-match, and he would have been delighted to see England triumph in that game, following the penalty misery in 1990.

What he achieved trophy wise will of course never match what the likes of Alex Ferguson, Bob Shankly, and Matt Busby achieved, but what he achieved around that gained so much respect throughout the game.

Robson has faced a long battle against cancer, but always appeared in public with a smile on his face, and that's just what the nation enjoyed most, Robson enjoying his life.

The game won't be the same again, after his sad departure to the heavens above, but he certainly won't be forgotten.

Rest in Peace Sir Bobby.

Where now for the Blues?

July 28, 2009

Chester City's existence is now truly in danger of being lost asthe Judge in the Refresh Recovery v HMRC match up in Court, voted in favour of the tax man, meaning that the CVA has now been revoked.

So, a number of possibilities beckons for Chester City FC as it heads back into Administration:

CCFC could fall foul of the Appendix E ruling set by the Conference, which means that any club who enters Administration prior to the season start will be demoted 2 leagues, meaning Chester City would sta...

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Notts County on the Up

July 22, 2009
Well, who would have guessed this time a few months ago as Notts County were just beginning to make themselves safe at the bottom end of League Two, that they would suddenly be favourites to go up this season, with Sven Goran-Eriksson involved in the running of the club.

The County fans must be in dreamland this week, probably reminiscent of the Man City fans when they suddenly realised they were going to become the richest club in world football a few months ago.

Fair play though, their fans h...
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Sort this mess out!

July 22, 2009
So, Chester City is once again a club in crisis.

Nothing new for us City fans to endure, as we seem to jump from one crisis to the next. In the last couple of decades we have seen chairman such as Mark Guterman, Terry Smith, and now Stephen Vaughan, who have all caused the club their fair share of problems.

Guterman & Vaughan both took the club into administration, whilst Smith thought he could do everything himself, and ended up getting into a spite battle with the club's fans, and almost shut...
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Back from Veligandu Island

July 7, 2009
Well, what a fantastic time I had in Veligandu Island!

the place has changed a lot since we last visited this delicious little Maldives island in December 2006, for a start the many beach bungalows have been replaced by water bungalows, however, they have still kept the number of rooms down, with a total of 74 rooms available. I believe 54 of those are water bungalows.

The restaurant space & bar area has also increased in size, along with a huge beach at one end of the island, with perhaps the ...
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Terminator Salvation

June 3, 2009
The wait is over!

The movie is released today across the UK, and I'll be watching this evening, and really looking forward to it.

The previous three Terminator films have delighted most fans, although maybe the third of the series didn't sit too well with fans, in fact there was one moment in the third film, where I thought "oh no, they've turned Arnie into a comedy Terminator" - not exactly what you want, and I did actually want the series to stop there before it went too far.

The first two Ter...
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