Welcome to my site!

This is my very first website creation, so please take a look, and please be kind with any feedback you may like to leave, all suggestions are welcome (within reason of course), and as time goes along I'll be looking to improve the site's appearance & content.

On here you'll be able to find news about several things in my life, like the latest on my football club, Chester City FC. Lots of movie news & upcoming films due for release. The Holiday gallery of the lovely Maldives resort called Veligandu Island, a list of great Cashback sites that are there simply to make you money, and the latest news from one of my annual haunts, the Royal International Air Tattoo!

There's also the Blog where I'll be penning various things going on in life on planet Earth, so please feel free to comment when you're around!

Keep visiting this site for more updates!

Thanks, Banksy! 

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