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Everyone is after extra money these days, and one way of making a little extra is by getting involved in the Cashback revolution - this has been going for a few years now, however, I only joined it all in Spring 2008, following a new year's resolution to make more money - and I have made £1500 in just over 12 months.

Below I have listed some of the excellent Cashback sites that I use, I have listed my referral link, and would be made up if anyone would like to join using my referral - once you join, you will be able to do the same for any family or friends!


WePromiseTo - have made just under £500 in 12months

QuidsInUK - have made just under £245 in 12months

Cashinco - have made £200 in 12 months

CashbackXtreme - have made just under £90 in 12 months

MoneybackMadness - have made £50 in 12 months

CashbackChief - have made just under £120 in 12 months

TopCashBack - have made around £40 in 12 months

GetPoundsBack - have made around £55 in 12 months

FatCheese - Have just joined this site in May 09, but have already built up £30

Cashback Cascade - Again just joined this one, but £16 built up already too!

Don't take the value as the guide on here though, as I have simply bought goods via more sites than others - take a look around the various sites and see what appeals to you, there are plenty of high street stores where you can claim cashback on goods that you buy - but the real gems are when you are ready to buy your car & house insurance - great cashback deals can be had here.

For example, I recently obtained buildings & contents insurance through 2 different sites, and ended up paying a total of £145 for the year, but I received £128 cashback, so in effect it cost me £17 for a year's insurance - amazing!

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